Easy Blogging Formula: Six Steps for Lucrative Results With Your Blog Platform

How Can I Make Money Blogging with My Blog Platform?

How to Blog with your Blog Platform

A blog platform makes for easy blogging, but making money from the blog requires a certain knack of knowing about how online marketing works. As an online marketing coach, I often get the question, “what should I blog about to start making money?” I feel you ambivalence in this matter, so I’d like to lay out for you the working formula to get you started, so you can totally understand the feasibility of how you can make money blogging.

A good blog platform from a team blog site is a great place to start for easy blogging. If you have a product or opportunity you’d like to promote, you want to be careful in your presentation.

Your Blog Platform Formula to Make Money with Blogs….

• First, you need to imagine the needs of your potential reader.

For example, if you sell Herbalife, you won’t want to try to rank your blog for a keyword phase “Herbalife products”… for a couple of reasons. Not only is it difficult to rank for a phase that big companies are paying money for as it’s massively competitive, but it won’t make for interesting reading. Your reader probably won’t remember you or your blog post if all you write about is boring facts about your products (even if you do think they’re great).

Blog Platform Rule of Thumb: People are generally searching for one of two things on Google:

a) They are trying to find pleasure

b) They need to alleviate pain some sort of pain, either physical or emotional

When you can appeal to your reader’s emotion, you’ve sunk the first hook.

• Second, tell an entertaining story.

People love to be entertained. That’s why you can see a very informative post with several facts, and it doesn’t rank at all like the stupid video you got forwarded to you from your email friends. That’s because people are drawn in with entertainment!

For example, imagine you have a product that can alleviate the pain of arthritis. Actually, I have a bad case of arthritis myself, so I can attest to the fact that a story relating to the suffering of arthritis would suck me in. It’s best if you can use a personal story – that of yourself or of someone you know – to give authenticity to your blog post. People love stories! Now you have two hooks to getting the “fish” you want to catch – one that will entertain, and one that will serve to appeal to the mystery of the possibility of healing arthritis.

• Third, do the proper keyword research before you post on you blog platform…

Keyword research is mandatory because there is no sense writing about something that nobody’s searching for. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to pick a long tail keyword phrase, (several words over just a few) because it will be less competitive. The free site “AdWords.Google.com” will allow you to setup a Google account for free, and

Keyword Research on your Blog Platform
This site will let you know how many people are searching for phrase, and whether it has low, medium or high competition. I’ve had the best luck with phases that get 500-2000 searches per month, but are marked “low” for competition. This technique is also used with article marketing, another free way to get money online!

• Fourth, make sure your blog platform has a low Alexa score…

When you choose your blog platform, it’s best to start your writing from a site with a low alexa score, or high page rank. You can check this out by downloading the Alexa score tool for free from alexa.com. The lower the score, the more popular the site. Google ranks according to popularity, so your efforts are magnified a hundred fold when you start out on a site that’s popular already.

• Fifth, social syndication with your blog post on the blog platform…a must!

If there’s a Facebook or Twitter connection within the platform, that’s great. That means that as soon as you click “publish”, it goes out to all

Social Syndication Is A Must On Your Blog Platform

Your Facebook connections. But here’s an even better idea… establish a free Onlywire account and post your blog platform page link in the Onlywire account. This will syndicate to over 30 different social media sites all at once! You’ll find a link that says “get short link” in the edit section of the post. Simply cut and paste that into your Onlywire account, and you’re off and running.

Google will rank based on relevancy and popularity. The above formula will give you both… keyword relevancy – and popularity from social syndication. The more you write, the better you’ll get…. And the better you get at copy writing, the more folks will be drawn to your blog posts and start tweeting and liking, which improves your rankings.