Man Steals From Bank, Strips Naked and Charges Down A Street Throwing the Stolen Money

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP)- Florida Authorities discloses that they have apprehended a man reported to have robbed a bank and charged down a street buck naked chucking the stolen cash in the air, with the thought that the stunt will help better his comedy career.

As opposed to his thoughts, Alexander Sperber, 25, has been officially accused of bank robbery, says the FBI. Sperber told authorities that he pulled in at premises of the bank, demanded cash from the teller following a gun movement using his hand. The teller gave me about $4,700 packed in a bag, he said.

Officials disclosed that a dye pack intended to foil the robbery splashed on his clothes and a cast fixed to his left wrist. According to reports from the Sun Sentinels, Sperber compelled to visit a hospital where he was confirmed coherent and unharmed. It’s not known if an attorney is listed for him.