Why You Should Visit Samaná – An Undiscovered Paradise

Samaná is a dope peninsula hidden away on Dominican Republic. The peninsula holds some of the most beautiful sceneries you might have ever seen, they are a mix of large mountains, jungles, beaches at their foot, and of course, waters. Here are some activities that will only be ten times better in Samaná than they are anywhere else.

A horseback ride to El Limón Waterfall

El Limón is an immensely pleasurable sight for the eyes, and a personal favorite of a lot of visitors. El Limón drops into pool from 130 feet above, making it perfect for a swim-bath. What’s more amazing about El Limón is the journey to the place itself. Usually a horseback ride is the only option but you won’t get that phony feeling here. It will really feel like a journey through the wilds.

Ziplining across jungles

I personally call it “Tarzaning across the jungles” because that’s what it really feels like. A network of 12 ziplines 45- feet above the ground Dominican Tree House Village is where you will want to go first to book a zipline course. Fly through the jungle from between tree branches and hustling leaves, some of the so close that you could slap your hand right through them if you extended your arms.

Cooling off at El Valle Beach

Rugged cliffs, golden sands, palm trees on the other side of the sand, and a view comprising of mountains and waters is the characterization of El Valle Beach.