20 Easy April Fools Day Ideas

April Fools Day.  Who can think of anything funny enough, honestly?  We mull it over for five minutes and give up on the concept.  There are far more pressing matters to worry about.  Our busy lives, filled with the usual rat race of things to do.  We’ve gotten so speedy now, that experts are telling us to be more mindful.   Slow down and smell the roses, they say.  Well, I will say that drumming up a good prank, carefully orchestrating it, then patiently waiting for the demise of our victim….. might just be the mindful moment we’ve been looking for.   It’s a good spin anyway. ; )

1. Are we going to let a nationally-approved day to mess with our families, go right by us?  No! This is a day where your name being bellowed through the house with furious anger, is a zealous victory!  Our inner little demons have been given a pass to play, with the simple words “Happy April Fools Day”.  Let’s use it!  (What happens when she needs to itch that nose?!).

2. In fact, it is the exact nature of our speedy repertoire that will present the most simple opportunities for a good prank, wouldn’t you say?  We can use this to get out of our comedic blank.  What is the daily grind for your spouse and children?  What do they do every day without thinking?  (Put some pink food coloring in the bath soap.  They will turn pink! … Just for a little bit)

3. There’s the bathroom routine.  That’s a hub of oldies but goodies right there, with the shampoos and toothpaste.   Think kitchen routines as well.  What’s in the fridge?  Is there something unexpected you can slip into the school bags or lunch boxes?  (Find a little plastic bug to put in the jello.  Seal it back up and have them discover it at the lunch table!).

4. For this milk gone bad, it’s worth cutting out the construction paper and gluing it on.  It adds much more punch than a sharpie marker, don’t you think?

5. I can tell you one easy switch I did to get my husband all riled up in the bedroom.  (Not whatever it is you’re thinking right now, sorry).  Back to the prank…  With two little girls at home, we have an abundant supply of princess dresses, girly underwear, accessories … the lot.

I carefully placed my husband’s clothes, in his dresser drawers, away and out of sight.  I then neatly filled each drawer with all the princess stuff.  Princess dresses in his shirt drawer.  Pretty pink panties where he would normally find boxer-briefs.  Very nice accessories and tutus where he might normally find his pants.  In his pre-coffee morning state, with each drawer he opened, he was bewildered and confused, much to our glee and amusement!  It is juvenile, yes.  But it got him!  He was all frazzled getting ready for work.  He didn’t know wether to be mad or laugh.   The girls and I thought it was very funny, anyway.  : )   Simple, and good enough to do the trick.  Job done.


6. Here’s another ‘switch’ I used on our girls a couple of years ago.  They were at that young age where nothing can wake them up at night.  Once asleep, a person could pick them up and take them anywhere without even a wiped nose on the shoulder.  Now, this opportunity could be used to create all kinds of waking-up-in-odd-location situations.  However, not wanting them to get too upset (I wasn’t sure how they would take this upheaval), I simply switched them to each others bed.  They slept through it, and woke in sisters bed.  It was pretty funny to watch their confused little faces as they stumbled out in the morning.  Again, simple, but got the job done. That one could be done in a far more funny fashion with daring kids and parents!  I hear teenagers sleep just as deeply…

Enough from the amateur.  Let’s see what the professionals do!

Ellen Degeneres:

7.  Known for hiding in the bathroom to leap out and scare her victim!

8. ‘What’s wrong with this photo, photo?’.  Cut out pictures from magazines and stick them on your family pictures around the house.  Better yet, in your Mother’s locket necklace, if she’s got one.

George Clooney

9. Acquire a hideous painting, sign it, then give it to a friend saying you worked so hard on it, just for them.

10. Take in a persons trousers in ever so slightly each day.  They just won’t understand how they are gaining so much weight??

11. Stick some inappropriate bumper stickers on a family member’s car.

12. Send a letter pretending to be someone else, to a friend or family member, giving them unwanted advise on something.  Don’t tell them it was you writing the letter until much later! They’ll say “Are you kidding me?!”.

13. Tasting what appears to be engine oil.  Fill an engine oil container with chocolate syrup, dip in the dipstick and lick!


14. Here he glues a grocery bag onto a car to freak people out about it falling off.
Must-see video here: David Letterman: Fun with Cars 

Howard Stern & Bart Simpson:

15. Notorious prank callers.

” Hi, I’m looking for Ivana Tinkle.  Is Ivana Tinkle there?”.

Chris Pratt:

16. Annoyingly, always blocking Jennifer Lawrence’s face out of their promotional shots with a paper, or his own head. (Just plain frustrating!).

It just goes to show, you don’t have to over think it.  Even the celebrities keep it pretty basic.  Just do something a little unexpected on April Fool’s Day.

17. Fill the office doughnut box with vegetables.

18. Spread some funny ‘fake news’.

19.Draw a mustache on a sleeping face.

20. Put a letter “from a celebrity” in the mailbox for your teenager.

Don’t let this wonderful opportunity pass you up!  You’ve got an excuse, after all!

Happy April Fool’s Day!