5 Things a Guest Should Never Be Without


Hospitality is a beautiful opportunity to open your heart and your home to someone. What better way to make a guest feel welcome, than to thoughtfully anticipate what their needs will be, so that they will feel as comfortable as possible? Here are five basic things that I believe every guest room should be equipped with, and yet sometimes get overlooked.

  1. A side table with a lamp. Many people enjoy reading to help them fall asleep. Once a book begins lulling your guest into cozyland, having to get out of bed and cross a room to turn off an overhead light is a sure way to ruin that deliciously peaceful journey to a REM cycle. Having a reading lamp solves that problem. Also, a side table is a helpful place for a guest to keep their phone, a glass of water, etc.
  2. A box of tissues. This may seem like such a small thing, but many people don’t remember to stock their guest rooms with them, and it’s certainly not ideal for a guest to have to traipse down the hall in their pajamas in the middle of the night to grab a wad of toilet paper.
  3. A trash can. Because where else is that used tissue going to go? I recommend using a stylish tin bucket or basket as a trash can to add a little charm.
  4. A clock that is readable in the dark. It can be disconcerting to wake up in the middle of the night in a new environment. The ability to easily see the time is one small way to ground oneself in reality. An alarm clock with a built-in white noise maker might also be a thoughtful investment.
  5. A set of towels. Rather than leave your guest to open closets and cupboards in search of a towel, why not arrange a cute basket with some towels rolled up and some basic toiletries and set it in the room? These are just a few items that I’ve found were important to me as a guest, and so in keeping with the golden rule, want to make sure I provide that for my guests in turn. Hospitality is a gift that is enhanced with thoughtful attention to details. I’d love to hear your ideas as well. What are some items that you would appreciate as a guest?