6 Creative DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas


Halloween annual celebrations that held every October 31 is getting closer. It feels like I’m looking forward to welcoming Halloween. Halloween is indeed associated with scary things, for those people will usually do spooky-style home decorations to hold parties. Halloween was originally only celebrated in Scotland and Ireland and has now become a celebration that is almost celebrated throughout the world.

This is 6 Creative DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas


1. Decorating a messy room

Make the room look messy. The first thing you can do is make the room in the house more messy to create a creepy atmosphere. You can try putting furniture that tends to be irregular. You can also add some dried leaves or straw on the floor. Adding shades of cobwebs and bats will make your Halloween decorations in your home more optimal.

2. Spooky backdrop

The spooky backdrop can be a complement to the decoration of Halloween themed rooms. Even though the main concept is spooky or horror, it may just insert other sub-themes like comedy horror, romantic horror or something else.
Can also insert fantasy figures, very interesting fantasy figures that you like are also adjusted to the sub-themes that you have specified before.

3. Furniture that looks worn out

Choosing furniture and objects that look using, To get a scary impression in the house, Halloween decorations are usually made with ancient or traditional concepts. Choose furniture, carpets, and all aspects in a room that is adapted to the Halloween concept. For example, choose a sofa and carpet that looks worn, traditional, and old. Some wall hangings of skull images, poison bottles, and wizards can be complementary.

4. Halloween mannequins and trees

Home decoration with mannequins and Halloween trees. Use the mannequin by separating the legs, hands, and head. Place the pieces of the mannequin in a separate place to add a spooky feel.
Decorate the room with Halloween tree decorations such as a Christmas tree made in a horror theme.

5. Pumpkin creation

Carving pumpkins for Halloween decorations have become the most common thing to do. Carving on this pumpkin is a famous technique for creating various pumpkin faces. hole the pumpkin properly and carve it with a suitable knife. Large squash will be easier to turn into a smirk than a small one. if you want to create more tangible appeal, try combining some pumpkin heads.

6. Halloween costumes

Halloween decorations have been carefully prepared, it’s time to prepare the best Halloween costumes. Costumes of witches, vampires, zombies, or werewolves. but you can also choose costumes with other themes like local ghosts in your city.