A Christmas card with heart


How to make christmas cards with watercolors.

Christmas cards. Many of us are accustomed to taking to the computer screen for this annual chore. We have so many photos to pick from, and so many great companies who will print them and send them with a push of a button.  Seems easy enough. However, with all the choices, I do find myself numb, spending too much time glued to the monitor to work out the perfect card. Like the cereal isle in a big supermarket, it’s a lot to take in.

With the thousands of photos we have, I’ve finally overdosed. There was no obvious pick that I hadn’t already seen a million times. The images are imbedded in my head, I’ve looked at them so much.  If it was any good, I’ve already shared it.

This year, I’ve gone old school. With my new interest in watercolor, I took to the brush. With a little trial and error, I came up with a simple, easy-to-replicate design that represented our bunch well.  After that, the work came easy. I’m half way through. I plan to do no more than 20. That’s including room for a few mistakes. It’s quality over quantity this Christmas!

Who else has been inspired to brake the Christmas mold? Do you have a unique Christmas card idea? Do share!