Art I love

My taste in art changes over time.  These days, I can’t get enough of illustrative and watercolor works.  I like simple and whimsical.  One of my favorite bloggers, ‘The Jealous Curator‘, always finds fascinating works of art to admire and ponder over.  Through her, I found this amazing artist and designer Danielle Kroll.  Below, are her sketchbook works and vacation photos transformed with a touch of art.  Both so great!

Looking at the inspirational work of others, fuels our own minds.  Here, and I am NO artist, but still like to play, I took a vacation photo and turned it into something I thought would be a cute memory for my girls.  It’s silly, but it’s something maybe older kids could do themselves too. Even if you’re not a master, I believe it’s still important to play with art and challenge your creative mind.  Have fun and get creative!

Bon Voyage!