Awesome Creative Furniture Cabinet Create by Sebastian ErraZuriz

One of my new favorite furniture cabinet in the world is made by Sebastian ErraZuriz. He is Chilean designer, creates furniture that doubles as spectacular that go far beyond into the realm of art.

Design Art Magistral Chest Cabinets

Made From Hardwood Maple, Plywood, Bamboo and Metal hardware with size (61 x 60 x 157,5 or 101,5cm) H:24x W:23-1/2  X  L (open):62 or L(closed):40 in

“Magistral Cabinet takes the quills from The Porcupine Cabinet to the extreme. Like the protective layer of a chestnut, Magistral Cabinet incorporates an exterior layer of thousands of  sharpened wood dowels, placed by hand one at a time until the cabinet is ready to symbolically protect the belongings of its owner. A set of concealed doors slides open to reveal its inner mechanisms and each of its many compartments.”, ~

Sebastian Errazuriz Design Art Magistral Chest Cabinets – Very creative cabinets for make your home look amazing.

The sculptural Magistral Chest cabinet

We take this video from instagram Sebastian ErraZuriz. Showing how creative and spectacular, he could create furniture that doubles as awesome mechanical sculptures.

Check this out and watch!