Baskets Around the House

Ways you can use baskets for storage.

My addiction to baskets is evident as I go from room to room of my house.  Firstly, there is the kitchen.  I was struck with absolute glee when I realized I could store cookie sheets in a basket, rather the oven drawer.  In went a few extra large cutting boards as well. They are easy to find and tidy. Job done.  The drawer beneath the stove is now for pot lids exclusively.

Within the Hutch, I have added 3 baskets as a catch-all for paper plates, kids plates, travel mugs, bibs and and tupperware lids. Basically, anything unsightly and awkward goes in.

I then move on to the living room. Here, it is toys which can be an issue. What was once a nice display case and DVD storage unit under the TV, has now become toy-central. These baskets are great for quick clean-up at the end of the day. I try to keep a few nice toys on display in moderation. If it’s not in a basket, I try to stick with only one item per cubby.

We also have a wood-burning stove. Big, mis-shapen pieces of kindling are kept tidy in this big flower pot basket. Sadly, the plant which once lived in it is deceased. However, it left behind the hard plastic lining, keeping the basket in tact with rough wear.

The boot room in our house is another work in progress.  As a quick storage solution, I purchased a nice tall basket to keep odds and ends often used outside, such as rackets, fly swatters and toys. For the winter, I keep all scarves in one basket and hats and gloves in another.

We have converted our dining room into a work area. I have my desk, and my husband has his. I keep file folders for coupons, receipts, a hole puncher, and mail in containers within the big basket. The smaller basket has containers filled with pens, scissors, rope, twine and ribbon. They do need tidying once in a while, as any office does, but at least it’s all contained!

Finally, the bathroom. As you can see, containers within containers is a good way of utilizing baskets to their maximum capacity. A simple juice glass serves as our toothbrush holder in this case. I change it out for a new glass on a weekly basis to keep it clean.