Beachy Master Bath – The Apartment Project

An apartment bathroom is such a small space that there’s only so much you can do with it. This can be good and bad since it keeps you from getting carried away or feeling pressure to spend a bunch of money to finish off a space, but it also limits your options. We decided not to paint to save us the hassle of having to repaint it white before we move out. Another perk of keeping a bathroom white is that it keeps it feeling clean and bright, especially since there is no window. White can also help small spaces feel larger.


If you’re going to stick with white walls, then you have to find some other way to bring color in to the room, and textiles are a great way to do that. A daily shower is a must in our household so buying a shower curtain was one of the first things we did the night that we moved in. We raced over to TJ Maxx right before it closed, and quickly selected a curtain and bath mat from the few options that were available. The shower curtain has an elegant coral design in a light turquoise, and the cushy mat is the same color. This inspired a beachy theme with some vintage charm.

We happened to have this sign that says “Life is better when you’re at the beach” from when we lived in Southampton, so that immediately went up on the wall opposite the mirror.

After much searching, I found a rusty, light turquoise clock to add to the wall. A clock in the bathroom is a must-have for getting ready for work in the morning. Once I start putting on my makeup I pretty much lose track of time and space, and can so easily end up in my own little twilight zone if I don’t have a clock visible.

A candle always works in a bathroom. Heck, where doesn’t a candle work? Maybe not the laundry room, I guess. Lanterns are super fun decor pieces because you can find them in so many different shapes, sizes and styles. Here I used a lantern with a slightly rusty metal frame, glass insert and a rope handle. I was pretty excited to stumble upon two picture frames that emulated the metal and rope combination.

Initially we were stumped as to what to put in the picture frames. It didn’t seem quite appropriate to hang pictures of our loved ones in the vicinity of the toilet (but that’s just a personal choice). Instead, I put up a couple photos of the Grecian coastline that Hal had taken years ago.

With such a small countertop, I was very careful to not clutter the space with too many doodads. A good rule of thumb for a small area is don’t add anything to your countertop that’s not useful and necessary. Pick things that are functional and stylish. I love the look of this apothecary style soap dispenser that I found. The glass jar beside it was a three dollar thrift store find, and it works great holding cotton balls and q-tips.