Summer Journaling

A beautiful summer journal. What a wonderful project to engage in over the course of the season.  It is so simple, calming and in tune with nature.  Collecting from nature is a great learning tool for children, of course.  Though, couldn’t we all benefit from a little meditative practice such as this?  To explore our […]

Easy Floral Headband

My daughter and I had such a nice experience making this easy, DIY floral headband together.  We sat outside, chatting the day away, while we focused on this cute little craft.  It took no time at all and was totally stress-free.  Of course, she LOVES it, and made her sister one too!  It would also make a […]

Playing with Paper Mache

A few months ago, a friend and I met up for a day of shopping.  Much to my surprise, she came bearing gifts!  For no reason at all, I might add.  The best surprise ever!  It was a wonderful craft book.  It has kept me inspired with so many great things to create with my […]

How to Make a BBQ With a Barrel

At home, what could be more appropriate for a long summer day than a barrel BBQ? There’s nothing better than the high octane performance of a flaming charcoal barbecue. You can make your own BBQ with a barrel. Well, this is a great project to make it real. Make with your own hands. Make BBQ […]

A Father’s Day Craft

This was the first time I’ve worked with clay since I can remember, and it was so fulfilling!  The feeling of using your hands to mold clay, just can’t be beat.  The world is your oyster with the things you can create.  Plus, there are so many easy clays to work with, right out of your […]