Christmas Candy Garlands

I love candy garlands for Christmas.  It really brings to life the spirit of children, during this festive time.  Making them, is a part of the wonderful experience.  You really need to slow down and take your time with these.  So, gather the kids, put on the Christmas music, and enjoy a fun and productive afternoon of  Christmas in the making!  What a delight for the kids, to gobble up a couple of sweets, when the parents aren’t looking!!  Their eyes light up with mischief and excitement!

The process is straight forward. There are a few tips to be aware of, to help you avoid problems, which I will lay out here.

For supplies, you will need:

  1. Confections of your choice.
  2. Heavy duty thread.  (The heavy duty thread is important, as the weight of these will likely break a normal thread).
  3. Needle.

Sour Candies Garland

Tips for the sour candies garland:

  1.  Start, by tying off the first candy, as seen below.
  2.  Using your needle and thread, begin to thread on the candies, alternately.
  3.  The thread and needle will get sticky as you go, so have some wet paper towels on hand to help keep the stickiness on the needle, and your finger tips, at bay.

Marshmallow and Gumdrops Garland

Tips for the marshmallow & gumdrop garland:

  1. Start by tying off a gumdrop to the end of the thread, as seen below.
  2. Begin to thread marshmallows and gumdrops alternately.  Like the previous garland, the needle and thread will get sticky as you do this.  Have wet paper towels at hand to help keep the needle, and your fingers, less sticky along the way.

Popcorn and Twizzlers Garland

Tips for the popcorn and Twizzlers garland:
1.  Let the popcorn go stale for a day.  It is very breakable, if you do not do this.
2.  Start by tying off the first piece of Twizzler, as seen below.  I cut the Twizzlers into 1″ pieces, as  went.
3.  Using your needle and thread, begin to thread on the Twizzlers and popcorn, alternately.
4.  This garland, happily, will not get sticky, like the others.  It is the easiest for the kids to thread, as well.

That’s all folks!  The main take away here, is to take your time and enjoy the process.  The end result is so magical for the children, it is well worth it!

Merry Christmas!!!