Getting Back to Healthy

Cooking at home:
Focusing more on the process and benefits, rather than calories and ease.

In recent weeks (okay months), I have not been very good about creating a healthy food environment in our household…at all.
It’s been frozen pizza and spaghetti. More spaghetti and more frozen pizza. Friday night supermarket sushi, and red wine.
It all sounds very good and fine. But when you do nothing else … well, you don’t feel too healthy.
I wasn’t actually really cooking at all. I wasn’t thinking about what to make. I wasn’t researching new things. I wasn’t even attempting to get a repertoire of vitamins into our food. For me, that is what eating healthy is. Really going through the process of cooking. Paying attention to ingredients and flavor. Making cooking a primary feature of the household.
I knew this was bad, as I have actually been good about it in the past. I do love flipping through the pages of a good cookbook. The glistening olive oil on a delicate salad. The hearty soups with a thousand and one ingredients in them. The creative appetizers, displayed with panache.

(Here’s the lunch I made myself today. It really was no harder than making a grilled cheese sandwich).

1. Toast the bread.
2. Sauté Kale in Olive Oil & Garlic.
3. Poach or fry the egg.
4. Squeeze a little lemon on the Kale
5. Put toast on plate, topped with Kale, egg and plenty of salt & pepper.

I’ve been so mad at myself for falling off of this passion. I’ve blamed it on having a 1 year old and 3 year old in the house. But really, at the end of the day, if we want to make time for something important, we can, right?

Well, I’ve started. I’ve taken up doing yoga everyday. (I’ve put a quick reference photo on my phone to make easy and quick … and therefore doable). I’ve starting reading recipes again. I’ve made dishes packed with vitamins. I’ve taken time to play with my kids in nature and really just be with each other. It’s all been wonderful!

There’s just one thing missing, which I still need to work on. SLEEP! I must turn everything off and not stay up watching TV. It’s really holding me back in having the energy I need. But even so, just knowing that we (my husband and I) are making a conscious effort to work on ourselves, has made us happier already. It may not last forever. But we do always get back to it, and keep trying!