Halloween’s ‘Corpse Bride’


For this year’s Halloween costume, I came up with such an EASY, NO-SEW way of achieving a high impact look.  The only problem was deciding how scary or sweet to make it.  And boy, did we find both extremes!  We finally settled on a happy medium,  with this ‘Corpse Bride’ look, but it’s up to you on which direction you’ll take your little ghouls this year.  I will show you the other 2 versions at the end…. but beware!  The scary one is really pretty scary!! Maybe more for the grown ups. : )

To create the Corpse Bride look, you’ll need:

(How many yards of fabric you buy, depends on the height of the person it’s for.  Simply measure the person’s height and double it, for how much you’ll need of each fabric.)

  1.  Lace (I went with the cheapest for this project).
  2.  Ivory crushed tulle
  3.  Regular tulle for a sash. (Or you could use a strip of leftover fabric).
  4.  White and blue face paint and a black face paint pencil.
  5.  Scissors

1. Fold the lace in half, lengthwise.

2. Find the center, to cut out a small head hole.

3. Put the lace over the child’s head, and find the point where the arm hole should go.  Cut two small arm holes.

4. Voila! The dress part is done!Put a sash around the waist and tie a bow in the back.  For the under clothes, I simply dressed them in white leggings and long-sleeved t-shirts.  (With this base, you can create many different characters, along the lines of princesses, ghosts, brides, or flower girls, to name a few).

5.  Next, you’ll need a flower headband.  You can either buy one in the store, or easily make it yourself.   Luckily, we’ve done that before here on Habitat at Home!  See: Easy Floral Headband, for the tutorial.

6.  Fold the crushed tulle in half, and place it on the head where the fold is.  Tie the floral headband around it, nice and snug, so it stays in place.

That’s it!  Now, you just need to do the face paint.  So far, they look like sweet little flower girls from the dead, with their little cheek scars.  This was our sweet version of the costume.  But, I  wanted to take it up a scary notch for Halloween, so we did the face paint to look like Tim Burton’s ‘Corpse Bride’.

7. For the face paint, start with a white base all over.  Then add blue to the eyes with a make-up sponge.  Continue to add a slightly thinner layer of blue to the rest of the face.  Draw on the eyebrows and eyelashes.  For the cheek teeth, dab on a little extra white, then draw the scar opening line around it, and teeth lines, as you see above.  For the final touch, add a little pink lipstick or gloss if you wish.

When I first made this costume, I intended them to be ghosts.  But, it just turned out way too scary for kids.  We thought so, anyway.    I mean, my daughters loved it!  They ran around the house in fits of laughter, trying to scare each other with their costumes!  It was us parents that were freaked out!   If you dare look, then see below.  But, perhaps we’ll keep this one for the grown ups next year! : ) (By the way, to get this look, just throw the entire piece of crushed tulle over the head and leave out the floral headband.  If you want to increase the scare factor even more, add a thin layer of white face paint all over the face).

Here’s a little hint as to how realistic the ghost one is!  (I dare not post a full photo of our sweet little daughter in ghost mode.  So, here’s a purposeful partial shot of our haunted house!).