Happy Earth Day!

What a joy it is to garden!  To see the perennials from last year coming back….. and to think what new things to plant this year!  It’s all very exciting!

As today is Earth day, I thought this would be a good way to acknowledge it.  Let’s put something in the ground to grow today! A tree, a flower, or an herb.  (Remember, it’s still a tad early in the season, so plant something hardy, that can withstand a possible frosty night or two).  It will bring you joy and improve our planet!

In our habitat at home, we have lots of animal friends who enjoy watching us garden too! A nibble is definitely to be expected. So, to ward this off, we keep our garden close to the house, with a small barrier, and plant mostly HERBS.  Animals don’t touch anything herb-related.  They hate the oily smells.  There are plenty of beautiful herbs to choose from, many which also have beautiful flowers.  The presence of the herbs, also protects the the susceptible flowers from being eaten.  It’s a bit of a disguise! Because of that, we do get away with planting a few tasty flowers in the bunch as well.


Why a Deck Garden is Beneficial:

When we started this deck garden, it was for multiple reasons:

  1. For easy-access gardening.  It’s a small enough garden for me to manage.  Also, being right off the deck, it’s so easy to run out for some fresh herbs while cooking!
  2. Appearances.  It really beautified an otherwise, very plain and boing deck.
  3. To deter animals.  The bigger animals tend to stay away from all the hubbub of the house.
  4. The kids!  It’s so much fun for our little girls to smell and name all the plants.  Being right there on the deck, it’s always there for them to study, while we sit and enjoy our day.  We did have bit of a struggle last year to stop them from picking too many, but we seemed to have overcome that, this year. They now understand the importance of allowing a garden to grow, by taking care of it.  In fact, they’ve started their own little garden behind their playhouse!

Building the Deck Garden Bed:

To build this garden bed around the deck, my husband bought 2″ thick boards.  We measured out the lengths we would need to make a box.  We needed 2″x10″x16′ and 2″x12″x16′ boards to use for the job. The land around our deck wasn’t even, so that’s why we had  both 10″ and 12″ boards to work with.  He then dug them into the ground, making sure that it was all level and even with the deck, and screwed them together.  Our box is 3-feet wide, which has been perfect for easy gardening.  Of course, I needed to beautify it a little more, so I found a cute picket-fence product at the hardware store which we staple-gunned  onto the deck.  Voila! It’s been one of our more satisfying and useful outdoor projects so far!

I hope this has added a little inspiration to start off your gardening season.  Happy Earth Day!!