How to Arrange Your Living Room

Never underestimate how to arrange the living room in your house. The living room will give the first impression of the whole house. If the living room is not well organized it is usually considered to describe the whole house that is not well organized.

there are still many who do not understand how to organize a good and right living room. Many ways can be done to organize the living room, viewed from various types and functions of the living room itself.

This is How to Arrange your Living Room:

– Arranging the Living Room starts from Furniture

How to Arrange the Living Room begins the first is starting from the Furniture, Pay attention to the needs and selection of furniture for the living room. The lifestyle of a homeowner will certainly affect the desired furniture needs.

Seating: Seat or Sofa

Seating (the presence of a sofa or chair) is a must-have furniture. Sofa chairs that have comfortable pads are suitable for those of you who often receive guests or spend time in the living room. Rattan chairs or minimalist chairs are enough to fill the living room if the living room is rarely used or just as a complement.

Coffee Table

How to arrange the living room when you have limited space is to replace it with a smaller side table. The table can be a place to put things for guests who come to bring things, but it can also be used to serve drinks to guests who come.


How to organize the living room when the land is limited is by presenting some furniture that has other functions as a storage area, such as a small cabinet, a drawer chair, or a draw table. This storage will make it easier for you to tidy up the living room to always look neat.

Additional furniture

You need to add additional furniture that is tailored to your activities and needs. For example TV you often watch TV.

– Arranging the Living Room with the Selection of Colors and Wall Patterns

The choice of colors and wall patterns is important because the wall becomes the dominant element that will affect the atmosphere and atmosphere of your living room. Bright colors and patterns that are too excessive because it will give the impression of hard and too tiring for the eyes. soft colors so that the room remains comfortable to enjoy for a long time.

– Arranging the Living Room with a Fitting and Comfortable Floor Material

Give floor material as comfortable as possible. Use warm and not too hard material, for example parquet and vinyl. But for those who want to bring the feel of luxury in the living room, it can use materials such as marble or other hard materials.

– Arranging the Living Room through Lighting Settings

The lighting function in the living room is not only to facilitate activities, but also will bring the atmosphere of the living room to life. Bright white lighting will be much better suited for you who do a lot of heavy activities such as discussing to read books. And for those of you who like to mingle or joke, Lighting lighting will make it more comfortable.

– Arranging the Living Room Using Complementary Decorations

maximize your comfort by adding complementary decor. Floor carpets and soft sofa cushions can be used to support comfort. artistic decorations such as statues, jars, and poster printing can be used to give an impression, and the visual aesthetic feel of the living room is more pronounced.

The most important thing before all is done when discussing how to organize the living room is to always adjust the style of the living room to the overall style of the residence.