How to Create Your Own Re-purposed Apple Box

How to re-purpose an apple box.

This project is as easy as it gets.

The most challenging thing about it is obtaining a good apple box.  As the saying goes, “They don’t make ’em like they used to!”. So, it may take a little leg work to find a market in your area that still has some good, thick wood boxes, with the original logos still on them.

This is my local farm market.

I went in one day, and asked them if they had any apple boxes. The girl working there went in the back, and sure enough, came out with a big pile for me to choose from! Some were in worse shape than others, so I started weeding through them to be sure I got the best ones.

“$10.00 each”, she said.

Done deal!

I bought 3.

What you’ll need:

1. A good quality vintage apple box, with logo, from your local farm market.

2. One dolly per apple box, with good sized caster wheels.

3. Wood Cleaner

4. Fine sandpaper.

5. A screwdriver.

Caster wheels can be expensive. The cheapest way of obtaining good caster wheels, at a decent size, is to buy a dolly.

I went to Harbor Freight Tools and found the above dolly at for $14.00 (Now its on sale for $9.00!). Divide $14.99 by 4 and that’s only $3.75 per wheel!

Remove the wheels from the dolly and apply them to your box.

Lightly sand the box and give it a good clean with a wood cleaner, easily found at any supermarket. This will get rid of any funky residue left by the apples.

Your box is now ready for use!


Like I said, as easy as it gets!