How To Keep Your Easter Decor From Being Too Cheesy


Ah yes, Easter is almost here- a time to celebrate the Resurrection, spring, new birth and chocolate. Apart from spiritual symbolism, what are some images that come to your mind when thinking about Easter? For me it’s oversized waxy-chocolate bunnies and cheap, tacky objects in the most horrific array of neon and pastel colors. Just walking past the Easter section of a Walmart is enough to send me into a dizzying nightmare where ephalumps and woozels dance around throwing marshmallow chicks at me. Here’s just a couple of suggestions on how to keep the cheese out of your Easter décor this year.

Don’t mix too many pastel colors. Try to keep your color palate simple and classy. I recommend choosing one pastel like a lavender or yellow and grounding it with a couple of earthy neutrals like white, green, beige or gray. Imagine your entertaining space decorated with just lavender and sage green accents used repetitively throughout. This would definitely come across more elegant than a basket of eggs representing the entire pastel rainbow as your design inspiration.

Sculpted Ceramic Bunnies from Pottery Barn

Avoid the plastic, disposable, cheap and tacky. Invest in items that have beauty and weight, which you can re-use year after year. Rather than buy a plastic pink bunny that will be thrown out very shortly, why not purchase an antique silver rabbit or porcelain object that has some character, which you will enjoy bringing out year after year and might even become part of tradition with your family? You might be tempted to buy that pre-packaged, cheaply-made, brightly colored plastic basket full of candy for your children, but try to resist the temptation. Why not use a beautiful basket made of natural materials, dress it up with some ribbon and stock it with goodies lovingly hand-picked by you?

Lastly, replace the fake with the real. When it comes to flowers, nothing beats the real thing. Very few silk flowers actually look believably real. They just don’t compare to nature’s colors, textures, scents and imperfections. A beautiful bouquet of flowers is one of the most effective pieces of décor in any room at any time of the year.

May our Easter décor this year reflect the weight and beauty and reality of what this season is actually about, rather than the blinding plastic commercialism that awaits us every time we walk into a store. Let me know your thoughts. Do you have any special pieces that you enjoy using year after year?