How to Make a Doll House

The beauty of this doll house, is that it can be folded up and stored.

 I started with 1 cardboard box, and cut it down into flat parts.

 I took a large piece for the back wall of the house, and 2 smaller pieces for the side walls.  To make hinges, I hole-punched 2 holes on either side, and tied the walls together with twine.

Next, I used my utility knife to cut a slat in each side wall, to hold a floor.  I also cut a slat in the middle of the floor to hold a center wall.


By using these slats, the floors and wall can be removed, allowing it to still be collapsable for storing.

 I then thought, rather than fiddle with steps, why not just make a ladder?  This way the kids can move it about as they wish. Using the utility knife, I made cut-outs every half inch.  As you can see, I also used the utility knife to cut out windows.

The wallpaper was simply cut from decorative paper, and pasted onto the walls with a glue stick.

Now, for the finishing touches!

I cut out magazine clippings for the living room and kitchen, to add an element of dimension.

Using markers, I drew a few household features.

I accented them with small magazine cut outs.


To make furniture, I had a little cardboard jewelry box.  I cut out pieces, and glued them together.  Regular pieces of card board would work just fine for this too.

I added little blankets with small scraps of felt.  The craft store had a few accessories as well.  The books, kitchen table and chairs, and the cuckoo clock were purchased from ‘Michaels‘ craft store.  I kept purchases limited to these few things, to keep costs low.

As you can see, this was a big hit with my girls.

They love it!

May the Force of Crafting be With You….