How to Make a Felt Crown


 This felt crown takes an afternoon to create, with minimal sewing.

Once done, it is durable and adorable!

These are the supplies you’ll need:





Ribbon or string for head measurement

Paper for the template

Sewing machine

  1. First, measure your child’s head with a ribbon.

  1. Next, cut out paper to the length of the head measurement.

  1. Draw the shape of the crown on the paper.  I marked off the inch points to help me keep the drawing symmetrical.

4. Cut out the crown template, and place it on the felt.

  1. Double-layer the felt to create more stability in the crown.  I chose two different colors to add more detail to the final product.

6. Place a short piece of elastic (about 2 inches in length) in-between the two pieces of felt.  Sew it in place, going over it a few times to be sure it’s held strongly in place.

7. Continue to sew the rest of the edging, also slipping the other end of the elastic into the other end of the crown.  Sew it in place, down at the end of it, so that it has room to stretch.

8. Now, you have your crown.  You can leave it as is, or go on to add decoration.

  1. Given that it’s Valentine’s Day season, I chose to cut out a heart shape.  I then sewed it into place using the sewing machine.

    Voila! The crown is done. Time to have fun with it!

    Congratulations on a project well done!