How To Make A Table Base

Cedar’s natural resistance to the elements, including moisture, helps it hold up to the weather outdoors. We left this table base unfinished, but you can stain the wood to make it even more durable. This homemade base 22×46 inches from the outsides edge of each leg ( i ); The concrete top on how to make a concrete tabletop, will overhang about 1 inch on all sides.

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Follow the instruction How to make a table base below :

What you’ll need :

  • Four 4x4x30 inch cedar posts
  • Three 8 foot 1×4 cedar boards cut :
  •  Eight 3 inch pieces
  •  Four 3 3/4 inch pieces
  •  Four 15 inch pieces
  •  Two 39 inch pieces
  •  Two 17 1/5 inch pieces
  • Measuring tape
  • Saw
  • 1 1/4 inc exterior galvanized screws
  • Drill with screwdriver bit
  • Step 1

Cut the cedar boards to the lengths listed above.

  • Step 2

Pre drill holes for the screws, then use screwdriver or drill with screwdriver bit to fasten one 3 inch and one 3 1/4 inc piece on two adjacent sides of each post, pieces should be flush with the post top ( a ).

  • Step 3

To make the end pieces, connect two posts by predrilling and fastening with screws one 15 inch side piece to the 3 3/4 inch block ( b ) on both post tops ( c ).

  • Step 4

On each end piece measure 6 inches from the bottom of the post ( d ). attach one 3 inch corner block on interior of each post ( e ) by pre drilling and fastening with screws.

  • Step 5

Pre drill and use screws to fasten one 15 inch piece to the corner blocks ( f ). the end piece is now braced at top and bottom for rigidity and support.

  • Step 6

Connect the end pieces by predrilling and fastening with screws the 39 inch side pieces to 3 inch corner blocks on the post tops (g).

  • Step 7

Position the 17 1/4 inch pieces evenly spaced along the side pieces. Predrill and fasten with screws (h).

Building a Table Base in Five Minutes

Show this video for the instruction how to build a table base in five minutes.

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