How to Make a Valentine’s Day Ball of Unraveled Surprises!

As your child slowly unravels the ribbons of crepe paper that make this wonderful surprise ball, they will discover a multitude of goodies that will have them full of excitement !

Here’s how you make it:

1.Buy supplies

These small-value goodies can be found in general stores, dollar stores, big-box stores (Target, Wal-mart, etc), or party stores.  Buy what you think your child would like.  Also look for something that will help to decorate the ball.

Buy crepe paper streamers.  These surprise balls can be made for any occasion, so choose the colors that work for you.  Here, I’ve made a Valentines Day ball.  Though, you could make them for Easter, Christmas and birthdays too!

2. Start wrapping

Start with the biggest items and end with the smallest.  As you wrap the crepe paper around, place toys where you think it might develop more of a circular shape.

Keep wrapping and wrapping, placing items along the way.

To make turns, you can fold corners, like so:

3. When you feel the ball has reached a good stopping point, glue the crepe paper into place.  (Don’t worry if it seems imperfect.  The next step will smooth out a few pop-up crepe edges).

5. Continue to decorate the balls.  You can use stickers, colored string, or these sticky-back decorative strips.  Check out your local craft store for good ideas.

That’s it!

Your kids will have a “ball” with it!!