How to Make Felt Flowers

These flowers are part of a bigger garden project.

Here’s how to make the flowers:

To Make a Rose

  1. Cut out a circle, 5″ in diameter.  You can use a compass, or start with a square.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.

2. Draw a spiral, then cut along the line.

3. From the outside end, start rolling it up.  The end piece will end up being the bottom.  Use the glue gun to glue it in place.  If you feel you need to add a few dots of glue to some of the petals, do so, for extra strength.

4. For this flower, I added an extra middle stamen piece. I rolled up a little rectangle and glued it in the center.  I then topped it with a small circle.

5. Next, insert a piece of wire and glue in place with the glue gun.

6. Using stiff felt, cut out leaf shapes, and glue them on to the wire, layering them on top of each other so they hold themselves in place.

7. In the same method as above, I made a red and purple rose as well, in different sizes, for variety.

 To Make the Tall Red Flower

1. Start by cutting out five red petals.  Then cut out five pink petals,  the same shape, but smaller in size.

2. Cut a small line in the center of the base of each petal.  Fold the two sides over each other, then flu in place with a glue gun.  To this to all the red and pink petals.

3. The petals now all have some dimension to them.  Next, glue the pink, small petals onto the bigger red petals.

4. Cut out a yellow circle.  Glue each of the five finished petals onto the back of the yellow center.  Be sure to place them evenly around.

5. As, with the other flowers, glue the wire onto the back, slipping it inside the fabric.  Cut leaves out of stiff, green felt and glue them on, overlapping each other.


To Make the Large Yellow Flower

This flower was made in the same method as the red flower, above, but without pinching the petals.  See illustrations below:

To Make the Small Blue Flower

1. Cut out six tiny blue petals, all the same as each other.

2. Cut out a small white circle.  Carefully, place the petals around in a circle, then put glue on the back of the white circle, and place it on top, gluing it all together.

3. As with the other flowers you see here, glue the wire onto the back.  Cut leaves out of stiff felt and glue onto the wire.

As you see, the process is pretty simple with all of these.  It’s time to get creative and make your own flower designs!