How to Repair Scratches in Hardwood Floor

You might have observed that hardwood floors are one of the most efficient and durable choices for homeowners. However, they can handle the wear and tear better than other flooring solutions, but it is advised to take immediate action if you observe any sign of wear and tear. Generally, they suffer damage due to dog claws, high heel shoes, improper movement of furniture as well as due to dirt and grit.

If you have just observed few scratches on your hardwood floor you do not need to refinish the entire floor because one can easily repair the damaged area. Below are few useful tips to remove scratches from hardwood floors:

• Using cleaner solution:

The minor scratches on a hardwood floor can be finished by simply using a floor cleaner. All that you need to do is, get a damp cloth and dip it into hardwood floor cleaner solution. Now rub it on the affected area repeatedly. After this use a clean cloth to rinse the area. Once you have treated this area, simply let it dry and apply a protective finish like Shellac to get back its natural shine.

• Using wire wool to fix the trouble:

If you find some scratches penetrated below the wood then they must be repaired with the help of a wire wool. Take a small amount of hardwood cleaner and apply it on the affected area. Rinse it and let it dry for some time. Now rub the area with wire wool but note that you have to move it in the same direction as that of the grain. As soon as the scratch becomes invisible, take some was and rub it over scratch to fill as well as blend it. Now let this area harden for at least 10 minutes and then you can buff it with a soft cloth.

• Using wood putty:

Those who are in stress due to deeper scratches on their hardwood floor are advised to use wood putty of the same color as that of your floor. Note that you cannot buff these deeper scratches as professionals do not advise this procedure. The best idea is to take some amount of putty with a knife and apply it on scratch carefully. Once you apply it, let the area settle for few hours and then use a good quality sandpaper to smoothen the surface. After this clean the area and refinish the area with a single coat by removing dust.

Note that, when you observe scratches on your hardwood floors, they must be treated as soon as possible otherwise they can become incurable with ignorance for a long time. The process is quite simple and it will take few minutes from your weekend holidays. In case if you find any serious issue on your floor then prefer to consult professionals in your area as they can fix it fast with dedicated methods. Care and prevention is the best way to stay safe from trouble and it will help you to maintain perfect beauty in your house.