Paper Name Garland

How to make a monogram, paper craft garland, for kids and baby room decor.

While I was browsing around the craft store the other day, (looking for supplies for another project), I stumbled across this darling scrapbook paper.  The designs were so eye-catching, I couldn’t resist buying it.  I knew I would find something to do with it…

First, I tried a Valentine’s Day card design.  But, for whatever reason, that was not going well for me that day.  So, instead of persevering with a bad plan, I simplified my goals, and whipped up these pretty name garlands instead.  They were really very easy, and pack a cute punch.  I’m so glad I took that change of direction.  It just goes to show, always trust your instincts when attacking projects.  Let your unique creative style come out, and never be afraid to go down a different path all together!

Using my best eye-balling and measurement skills, I started cutting out the letters.  I found there’s no need to be exactly perfect.  When it all goes up together, those little imperfections will only add to the charm.  (If you do not have a comfort level for this, there are also many free printable letter templates you can utilize online.  Simply google “free printable letter template”).

As you can see with this ‘A’, I would start with straight edges and corners.  I would then round them out afterwards (see bottom right corner).

After cutting out each letter, I began to hole-punch 2 holes at the top of each one.  One on the left, and one on the right.

I then strung the ribbon through, going behind each letter.

A cute and simple project that can be hung anywhere in the children’s bedroom or playroom.

My two little ones love them!