The good, the bad, and the ugly of beard oils, creams and waxes


It’s ‘Movember’!   A wonderful new effort to promote men’s health.  The idea, is that men take on the challenge to grow a fabulous moustache during the month of November, to spark conversation and awareness for men’s health.  “Knowledge is power. Prevention is everything. Early detection is key”. Check out the official Movember site for, great grooming tips, the history of the ‘stash, and more about the many great men’s health programs and initiatives.

Some men are taking the opportunity to go for the full beard.  My very own husband decided to take the bearded plunge as well!  He’s gotten a good head start.  So, I’ve started experimenting with finding the best DIY solution to keep the beard soft, tame; and the skin beneath, healthy and happy.

We experimented with wax-based, cream-based and oil-based beard grooming solutions.  Peter was kind enough to go along for the ride!  Here, I’ll give you our findings:

1. First, I tried out a wax based

 balm.  This was made from soy wax, Jojoba oil, and Shea butter.  All  very nourishing ingredients.  However, it did not pass the test.  It was far too heavy for the beard.  It made my husband feel too waxy.  I bet it would be great as a mustache wax, though!

2.  Next, I tried a more cream based

 solution.  No wax this time.  Just whipped Shea butter and oil.   It made a beautiful cream.  But again, it was too heavy for the beard.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication‘ – Leonardo da Vinci

3. So, finally, I was reduced to oils

.  And of, course, simplicity is often the best, isn’t it?  I researched all the different oils, many of which have great qualities for nourishing the hair and skin.  Grape seed oil

 is the one which will blend in and absorb the best, with the lightest feeling on the beard.  Being from grape seeds, it is a byproduct of wine making.  It is also a growth and strengthening treatment for hair.

Peter put a few small squirts in his hand and rubbed it in all over.  He immediately felt that his beard was indeed much softer to the touch!! It didn’t make him feel too oily, either.  After wearing it for a while, both his beard and skin still felt great.  Soft, smooth, tame and light.  It still smelled great too!  We have a winner!!!

” The fabled musk deer searches the world over for the source of the scent which comes from itself”.
– Ramakrishna

Scent is a very personal thing.  I used a few drops of Frankincense and Lavender essential oils for our blend, which was very nice.  I would also suggest Cedar or Sandalwood as good alternatives.  Essential oils often seem a little pricey.  However, you really only need a few drops, so it will last a good long time.  Have a good sniff at the store before purchasing it, to be sure you get one you really like.  If scent bothers you, don’t be afraid to pass on it.  Just use the scentless, Grape seed oil on it’s own.  Your own musk will often do just fine!

How to Make Your Own Beard Oil

1. Purchase a small spray bottle from the drugstore or supermarket.  The one you see here is 1 oz.

2. Pour the grape seed oil into the container.

3. Shake 8 drops of your chosen essential oils into the 1 oz. container.  Here, we used 4 drops of frankincense and 4 drops of lavender essential oils.  (Cedar, sandalwood and sweet orange are also good options).

4. Shake it up!

5. Squirt a small amount into the palm of your hand and rub it into your beard.  Perfection!

6. To create the label, I printed on Avery 2″x2″ (22806) square sticker labels.

You now have a professional looking product.   It makes a great gift for men of all walks of life.  His birthday, a valentine’s day gift, an anniversary gift, or even as a stocking stuffer.   He’ll love it, and be so impressed you made it!

Walk out the door with your renewed, manly sense of confidence, and enjoy!