Valentine’s Day Candy Arrows


Ever been shot in the heart by candy?

Eating up these 100 Grands is big perk to doing this project! They are so good. If you don’t have these, use what you like.  (I personally went for these in the store because they were red).

Now, about how to make these beauties.

1. Start by buying the candy, skewer sticks and heavy weight paper.

The arrow-tails are not very big, so a small piece of good quality paper goes a long way.

2. Next, cut out an arrow-tail template.

3. For Striped Paper:
(If you are just working with solid paper, you are in good shape, and can skip this step.  Move on to step 4.)

a. If you have striped paper, you have to be careful about which direction the stripes are pointing.  For an arrow, it makes sense that they go down, and into each other.

See here, how I lined up the inside, top triangle with the stripe, to cut the template

b. Cut out out 2 of the striped arrow-tails.

c. Glue the back of one, and fold it around the end of the stick.

d. Take the other striped arrow-tail, and hold it behind the one you just glued on, to see how the stripes will line up.  (It is unfolded).  Then glue it on to the back of that half, while the other side of it, shows itself in the front, with the stripes lined up to each other.

e. I then backed it with a red arrow-tail cut-out.

  1. For a solid arrow-tail, you just have to glue two, red arrow-tail cut-outs together on either side of the sick.  Be sure to put glue on the stick itself as well, for extra security.

  1. Slip on the candy, and you’re done!

Happy Valentine’s Day!