What To Do With Cards That Are Too Beautiful To Throw Away

My wonderfully generous mother-in-law loves to send us cards. It is not uncommon for my husband and I to each receive five beautifully curated cards for any given holiday. Now, these are not the kind of cards that you might pick out at the grocery store with a big “Happy Birthday” on the front, and a generic message inside. No, no. She has a knack for finding unique, high-quality notecards, that are blank inside and have a picture done by some fine artist or local photographer on the front. They are truly special and worth saving. But what to do when their initial shelf time is spent? I couldn’t bear to throw them away, so I’ve come up with some alternative options for artistic display.

The first is obvious, but worth demonstrating- frame them and display them as art. For an affordable and sustainable option, I went to Goodwill and scrounged up three rather outdated but cheap frames. I sanded them and painted them with a very inexpensive craft paint from Michaels.

I wanted to combine two cards in the larger frame, so I asked about getting a custom matte cut and was quoted over $20. This was much more than I intended to spend, so I settled for the poor man’s matte- a 79 cent piece of heavy cardstock that I laid the pictures on top of. From far away you can’t tell the difference.

Another alternative is to string a few cards together with twine and clothespins. This has a quirky, homey look and can be displayed vertically or horizontally. I recommend grouping cards with a similar look and feel.

The third option I was unfortunately unable to demonstrate for you because it only works with a particular kind of furniture. If you happen to own a coffee table or side table that has a glass layer over wood, you can remove the glass, lay out a few beautiful cards as a collage and place the glass on top. This will add personality and uniqueness to your furniture, and it’s easy to change out.

So let’s put an end to throwing away those special cards just because the holiday has passed. Displaying them as pieces of art is sustainable, personal, and fun. What are some other ways you reuse cards?